Well Here We Are – The Tonks

the tonks, Tango and Cha,

Well here we are “The Tonks”, Tango and Cha at 8 months old taking a little break from driving poor Mom crazy!

Tango, Dark and Handsome

I am Tango the handsome dark one on the left, and I am on the fast track to be a big bad alpha male. I rush to greet Mom and I like to tangle with her feet; I am trying to trip her up but I haven’t managed yet. I like to sneak up on her especially when she is bent over brushing her teeth – I leap up on her back and dig in my claws- you should hear her squeal! I can also climb up her expensive spa bathrobe on my way to the top of the bathroom door! I am very smart and am a retriever with all the new toys that Mom buys me to distract me from exploring every closet and drawer in the house ( I fooled her once and destroyed all the nice shiny things in the Christmas closet).

When Mom is taking a nap, I insist that she take her hand out from under the cover and pet me. If she is slow on the uptake, I use my head as a battering ram and bang her head as hard as I can. If that old fart, Truffles the previous top resident of the house wants to get too chummy, I just simply jump on his back and chase him- you would never think that old boy could run so fast! I keep a very sharp eye on Mom and gaze at her with my green eyes, and if she says “I love you too Tango”, I reward her with a very loud purr.

Hello, I’m Cha Cha

Hello, I am Tango’s sister, the pretty girl and my name is Cha Cha. I let Tango lead the way into trouble, but I am not far behind and join in everything. I do have my own specialties. I like to shred all the toilet tissue in the house, climb up the outside of Mom’s precious speakers, fish for garbage out of the disposal, and I love to climb up on the bathroom counter and chew Mom’s electric toothbrush.

I can bring all the coats hanging in the hall closet to the floor in no time flat, and I love to watch Mom pick them up again. But I am really a very sweet dear little girl, and my greatest joy in life is snuggling up in Mom’s arms for hours on end. If she tries to put me down, I just climb up again until Mom realizes what her job is in life- and that is pay attention and cuddle me. I am still training her. Mom just needs to understand that I like to be with her at all times and if she gets distracted from paying attention to me, I complain very loudly. I do like the sound of my own voice and Mom and I can hold prolonged conversations. I get away with a lot because I am so cute!

We will keep you all updated and hope you enjoy your Christmas decorations. Mom is being a big meanie and is refusing to put up decorations so we can destroy them!

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