Mercia Tapping, speaker, workshop leaderMercia Tapping, author and inspirational public speaker, is mesmerizing the moment she opens her mouth and you hear her lilting British accent. She is available for retreats, workshops and keynote speeches. Her speaking engagements seek to inspire others to re-energize their lives and to live life to their fullest potential.

Her daily blog OnlyOneLife.com and its Facebook page “Only One Life: Don’t Waste It” reflects her philosophy of life. Her photo/quote posts with their brief commentary, seek to inspire others to join her in her belief that life is precious and not to be wasted. Her website MerciaTapping.com contains longer thought pieces. Mercia’s wisdom has been born out of suffering in her life; she lost her husband to brain cancer, lost a great deal of her retirement savings due to internal misappropriation of her company funds, and had to face her own advanced breast cancer diagnosis. However, her message comes through loud and clear that the human spirit can rise above it all.

Mercia is available to lead one or two day retreats and workshops. Her workshops like her speeches all are an expression of her deeply held belief that you only have one life and should not waste it. She knows from personal experience that life as you know it can change in an instant. She asserts that each day is a precious gift and should not be squandered and drift by, or get dragged down into the weeds. Unashamedly an optimist, she consciously searches out those parts of life for which we should be grateful and for the miraculous and unexpected occurrences that are there if you are awake and pay attention. With that in mind she offers two workshop/ retreats.

The first is called “Rediscovering The Passion For Life”. Mercia’s goal is that everyone attending this retreat should leave re-energized and empowered to fulfill on their dreams and goals, as well as be fully expressed in life. If you have been treading water, and not feeling joyful, then this workshop will give you a sense of renewal, and connect you with what is most important to bring your life forward to the next level.

Mercia’s second offering “Rediscovering The Passion For Work” is designed to be retreat for work teams or senior executives within a large company. This is a workshop that Mercia originally designed 25 years ago in the early 1990s and which has re-emerged in a format suitable for the corporate challenges of the new millennium. Her own experience of nearly 20 years as a CEO has lead her to observe that in the current data driven culture in corporations, that creativity, self expression and the miracles sometimes needed to produce results are harder to come by. Her goal for the participants in this retreat is to have them gain access to creating miraculous results for their organizations, but within a context that is personally energizing for themselves and all those around them.

Mercia tailors the components of the workshops and retreats to suit the needs of the audience. All her retreats are both thought provocative and life changing. She entertains her audience with stories about her own life, lessons learned, and then gently pries open the protective shell of her retreat participants in order to encourage both insight, and measurable growth in their personal and work lives.

Sample topics for shorter speeches include, Forgiveness, Loss, How I Came To Believe In Heaven, Obesity And The American Food Conspiracy, Courage, Life After Cancer, Everyday Miracles. She can also talk at length on The Entrepreneurial Journey: Peaks and Valleys.

Her speaking will move you, make you smile, but above all inspire you to enjoy life in the moment, let love into your life, and savor its everyday miracles.

Mercia can be contacted through the contact form at either of her web sites.


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