Pilates Sample Profiles And Plans

These Pilates profiles and plans focus on the Reformer, but the reality of how I would approach treating these women is I would also draw on Pre-Mat, Mat, Theraband and Physical therapy exercises to achieve the clients’ health goals and as fast as possible. I would truly want to encourage them to complete some of the non-Reformer assisted exercises at home. Also, while I am making note of recommended repetitions, I am omitting tension ranges because I really just need to see how a client completes each exercise, and adjust the tension on the fly.

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Anna is a 30-year-old former dancer, she is hypermobile, her level is intermediate. She has had a knee replacement 3 months ago had has adequate but not complete recovery yet. She also has minor joint instability particularly T 11-T12 and L1 which cause minor discomfort.


Irene is a 50-year-old woman with Scoliosis. Her right shoulder is rotated forward, right rib cage collapsed from the right thoracic curve. She has exercised all her life. Her legs are very tight, likely a result of compensating patterns due to Scoliosis. She has ITB (Illio- tibial band) syndrome, and lack of flexibility hamstrings. 5 years ago she had surgery for rotator cuff repair, left shoulder.

Mary is a 60-year-old beginner, she is 50 lbs overweight. She experiences back pain due to Stenosis and SI joint dysfunction. She has diabetes. She would like to feel better and become more active.

Jane is a 40-year-old woman. She had a mastectomy 2 years ago and still has restrictive movement due to tightness and numbness on the left side. She has beginner to intermediate fitness and walks 1 hour 3 days a week. She has osteoarthritis in wrist and hands.


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