haunted, hopeful - helped by a medium
I am currently attending a course called your “Deceptive Brain” which calls into question everything we think is reality. The lecturer has a particular disdain for anything supernatural or haunted, saying we are either victims of a hoax or wishful thinking. I used to share his bias, until 8 years ago when my husband Herman died. Then everything changed.

After he died, I felt his presence, and I rather crabbily told him that he would need to prove his existence. In short order, Herman proved that he was very much alive, just not in this world. Today, I will tell you about just one recent, mischievous appearance.

On the Friday night of Labor Day weekend, I was looking at a completely empty calendar, the most socialization I was going to be able to muster was a trip to Market Basket. Well, that’s pretty lame. Then while I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, up popped a notice of a small group gathering the next day with a medium. I thought to myself that at least this would be better than staying home alone. But when I went to book the ticket online, they were all sold out. I frowned because somehow I felt I was supposed to be there. My intuition told me that if I phoned the next morning, that there would be one cancellation. And indeed there was. Just one.

On my way to this event, I could hear my husband’s voice, hooping and hollering telling me that the medium was going to call on me first and he was going to be so proud to tell everyone about me. Uh oh. My GPS took me to a strip mall, where there was a small studio advertising in its window, “Yoga, Thai Chi, and Medium Readings”. I took my place inconspicuously in the last row of chairs.

The medium Maureen, introduced herself to the group, but stopped halfway, looked over at me and said “Are you widowed?“ I nodded. She continued “Your husband is here today, I will be getting back to you.” I was hardly surprised when she called on me first to come to the front of the room.

She began,

“Oh, your husband is bursting to tell me all about you. I keep hearing the words performance, and costume, like on a stage. Are you published? I keep seeing stories, multiple times. Does this make sense to you?”

I had to admit that indeed I was published, multiple times and told stories on the stage. I was also a competitive ballroom dancer and in the middle of designing new costumes.

Maureen continued “He tells me that you would fit in here at the studio. Are you by any chance a yoga teacher?”

I laughed. “No but I am a Pilates Teacher, so that is pretty close!“

She continued “He just wants you to be happy, not that you are not, but do you have a male friend?”

I shook my head “No that is the missing piece.”

Maureen declared “Well he is just around the corner, maybe as soon as October or November. You need to get out more. Your husband loves it here. He says he is going to help me all afternoon”

His idea of helping her was to butt into other people’s readings… one time, she looked over at me.

“He is telling me to ask you about Plymouth. Do you live there?” Yes, I do. And then another time “He is telling me that you are going to come in second and first in your next dancing competition.” And so it went on, and at the end of the day, Maureen concluded,“He just wanted to hang out with you this afternoon.”

I left with a smile on my face and the phone rang non stop with invites for the rest of the weekend. I never got to Market Basket.

So is this all wishful thinking and I am a victim of a hoax? I can only tell you what happened. As for a new man in my life stay tuned, BUT this weekend I did win fistfuls of firsts and seconds in my dancing competition.

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