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First Date

In 1995 I was on vacation with my sister Susan in Paris, when I surprised her by declaring that I intended to get married again. My sister looked at me completely astonished, saying “You? Married? After all these years!” I

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I have always had an aversion to dirt. To understand why, look no further than my childhood in England. I was the picture perfect little girl in a flowered print dress who played with her dolls. I did not climb

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Revelations On Safari

I went on Safari with my late husband, Herman, a number of years ago: When I left Kenya I wept because I felt that I had witnessed the unspoiled beauty of this planet as it must have been in the

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Living A Life With No Regrets

I think one of the saddest things which I have witnessed more recently, is people nearing the end of their lives full of regret; for paths not taken, potential not expressed, dreams crumbled, and feeling not loved enough. I grant

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3 Poems

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HoneyBear In Memoriam

HoneyBear a tiny, young female Siamese cat came into my life just before Christmas 2002. My husband had been asking repeatedly what I would like for Christmas. A pair of diamond earrings perhaps? I always gave him the same answer,

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Self Limiting Beliefs

We all have them, and we label them as being “realistic” and “that’s the way I am”. The problem with these self limiting beliefs is they prevent us from expressing our true and highest potential. Most of the time we

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In the current  national climate of more freely expressed bigotry, I thought I would share with you a story from my past. In my youth in the 1970s, I was married to a man whom I loved deeply, enough to

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And So The Transformation Began

I told a friend at the beginning of 2016  that I did not feel like a cancer survivor. Cancer and its return lurked behind every bush and in every dark corner. There was a good reason why I wore my

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Scribbles And Crumbs

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