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Spotlight on Mercia J. Tapping

By Diana Muñoz Stewart Scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I came across a post from a writer friend, Mercia J. Tapping. She posted about her Stories from the Stage appearance, an episode titled New Beginnings. In the episode, she

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Don’t Touch My Food!

I grew up in England where it was considered extremely impolite to touch someone else’s food. Food sharing was an emphatic no-no. Then I moved to the United States, but old habits die hard. My late husband, Herman and I,

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Endings – The Afterlife

0f all the endings in life, the most definitive one is death. Or is it? My entire adult life I used to wonder -does death mean, it is all over, the end, or is there something more? Does Heaven exist?

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A Good Death

When you get to be my age, you are less afraid of death, than you are of dying alone. Most of my close family and my husband are now dead, but along the way, I have become practiced at giving

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First Date

In 1995 I was on vacation with my sister Susan in Paris, when I surprised her by declaring that I intended to get married again. My sister looked at me completely astonished, saying “You? Married? After all these years!” I

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I have always had an aversion to dirt. To understand why, look no further than my childhood in England. I was the picture perfect little girl in a flowered print dress who played with her dolls. I did not climb

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Revelations On Safari

I went on Safari with my late husband, Herman, a number of years ago: When I left Kenya I wept because I felt that I had witnessed the unspoiled beauty of this planet as it must have been in the

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Living A Life With No Regrets

I think one of the saddest things which I have witnessed more recently, is people nearing the end of their lives full of regret; for paths not taken, potential not expressed, dreams crumbled, and feeling not loved enough. I grant

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3 Poems

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HoneyBear In Memoriam

HoneyBear a tiny, young female Siamese cat came into my life just before Christmas 2002. My husband had been asking repeatedly what I would like for Christmas. A pair of diamond earrings perhaps? I always gave him the same answer,

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