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End Of Year Reflections – 2018

As this year closes, like for many others, it is time for reflection on whether life is going in the “right direction”. My first instinctive response is to say “Yes but”. Having got a lot clearer about my life’s goals,

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Fresh Start

In 2015, I am sitting watching Dancing With The Stars. I am simply amazed and in awe at the dancers, but I feel wistful. Alas, that could never be me, I never learned to dance, and had always sat on

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PBS Video – Stories On Stage – New Beginnings

Sometimes we choose our new beginnings, but perhaps more often we are thrust into them.

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Spotlight on Mercia J. Tapping

By Diana Muñoz Stewart Scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I came across a post from a writer friend, Mercia J. Tapping. She posted about her Stories from the Stage appearance, an episode titled New Beginnings. In the episode, she

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The Marshmallow Gift

Right after Herman’s death, I was very disturbed by what I felt was his spirit around me. It was a huge enveloping sensation. I fretted and chided myself. It must be the figment of the imagination of a grieving widow

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Don’t Touch My Food!

I grew up in England where it was considered extremely impolite to touch someone else’s food. Food sharing was an emphatic no-no. Then I moved to the United States, but old habits die hard. My late husband, Herman and I,

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Endings – The Afterlife

0f all the endings in life, the most definitive one is death. Or is it? My entire adult life I used to wonder -does death mean, it is all over, the end, or is there something more? Does Heaven exist?

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Never Say Never

My entire adult life, I sat miserably on the sidelines at all social occasions which involved dancing, thinking that I could not dance. Like millions of others, I have watched “Dancing With The Stars” and have been amazed and inspired

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Mother Knows Best

By the time I became a teenager I really disliked my mother. She was very controlling, and I also thought she was a prude. I spent almost my entire adult life trying not to be her. To make matters worse

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Meet Mercia Tapping, Author of Only One Life: Don’t Waste It

Dancing Brought Healing To Her Life Written by Elizabeth McCabe “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” With obstacles come opportunities. Pinehills resident Mercia Tapping is living proof of this life lesson. After undergoing personal struggles, her life story became

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