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Fresh Start

In 2015, I am sitting watching Dancing With The Stars. I am simply amazed and in awe at the dancers, but I feel wistful. Alas, that could never be me, I never learned to dance, and had always sat on

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Never Say Never

My entire adult life, I sat miserably on the sidelines at all social occasions which involved dancing, thinking that I could not dance. Like millions of others, I have watched “Dancing With The Stars” and have been amazed and inspired

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Mother Knows Best

By the time I became a teenager I really disliked my mother. She was very controlling, and I also thought she was a prude. I spent almost my entire adult life trying not to be her. To make matters worse

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Meet Mercia Tapping, Author of Only One Life: Don’t Waste It

Dancing Brought Healing To Her Life Written by Elizabeth McCabe “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” With obstacles come opportunities. Pinehills resident Mercia Tapping is living proof of this life lesson. After undergoing personal struggles, her life story became

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When I was a child, I hated my hair. It was very fine and straight, and my mother insisted on cutting short so that it looked like a pudding bowl had been placed over my head. How I envied the

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Article about me and my discovery and love of dancing

Read the article about me and my discovery and love of dancing In Vie Magazine.

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Never Too Old To Learn

I always envied people who could dance. But I was the person sitting awkwardly on the sidelines at every party, feeling miserable. I wished I could be like the other people who could get up and move to the music

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I have always had an aversion to dirt. To understand why, look no further than my childhood in England. I was the picture perfect little girl in a flowered print dress who played with her dolls. I did not climb

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And So The Transformation Began

I told a friend at the beginning of 2016  that I did not feel like a cancer survivor. Cancer and its return lurked behind every bush and in every dark corner. There was a good reason why I wore my

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