Angels Are Real

look upwards and wing a prayer to your loved ones in heaven. Mercia Tapping

I was plagued my entire adult life by this question. When we die is Is life just over? By the time that my husband, Herman was dying of brain cancer in 2011, that question became more pressing as I faced his death. When he died, was this going to be it? Would he just be gone forever?

When Herman was lying in hospice In a semi-coma, he suddenly opened his eyes, took my hand and and whispered “Don’t worry Honey, I will be back to look after you and bother
you from the other side”. I could only hope……

After his death, I was very disturbed by what I felt was his spirit around me. I wondered if it was all a figment of the imagination of a grieving widow who could not accept the death of her husband. I would pace my living room and angrily remark up into the cathedral ceiling “Herman, if you are really there, show me, and in a way that I will really know it is you”.

I will now tell you two stories as to how I got my question about life after death finally answered.

My first story took place at the beginning of my own battle with breast cancer. 2014 was going to be a very long year and I was days away from starting chemotherapy. I had invited a few friends over to play bridge. We were playing, as is usual in bridge, with two decks of cards. I was the fourth dealer, remember that each of the two decks had been played at least once. I dealt out the cards, 13. 13, 13 and then 12; whoops, one card short. I re-dealt the cards with the same result. 13, 13, 13, 12. Puzzled and irritated, we all stood up, looked under our chairs, shook out our clothes, but no missing card was to be found. Somebody then rather sensibly suggested that we could go on playing, and just use a single deck of cards. I took the offending short deck of cards over to the kitchen where I intended to return it to its storage box. Then I stared, puzzled, as I could see that there was one single card face down in the sleeve of the box. I stood looking at it, dumbfounded for a moment, and then called over to my friends at the bridge table “I think I have found the missing card”. I had not turned the card over. One of my friends at the bridge table said “You know what card that is don’t you?” Without hesitation I replied “The Ace of Hearts” I turned the card over and sure enough there was the Ace of Hearts! My friend smiled and said” You know what this means?”. I stood in my kitchen, almost trembling and replied

“It means that my husband is here tonight and he wants me, and all of you to know something; that as I battle cancer this year, love is my shield, love is my guide and eventually love will be my reward”. And with that we sat down, albeit a bit shaken by what had happened, and resumed our bridge game.

My second story took place in early 2015. I needed to sell my company as breast cancer had taken its toll on me. I was having dinner at Legal Seafoods with the man, Joe, who was buying the company. During our meal, he kept glancing down and was irritably tapping at his very expensive watch, and eventually complained out aloud

“Ever since I have set foot in this restaurant, my watch has gone haywire. The time is going backwards and forwards” He tapped at his watch some more. Eventually, he looked back at me to resume the conversation. He had politely been asking me about Herman.

Then his eyes widened and he exclaimed” It is him isn’t it? I can feel him right there!” And he gestured to the space over his right shoulder. I admitted, “Well yes. He is just having a bit of fun with you” I was a trifle sheepish as I said it, since after all this man, a perfect stranger was about to buy my company. Joe looked me square in the face and said

” Oh it’s more than that. He is looking out for you and is letting me know I had better treat you right”.

The next day I met Joe in the hallway of my company, before he was going to meet all my employees for the first time. I asked him

“Is your watch back to normal?”

“Yes it is! And don’t ever tell any of the employees what happened last night! And tell him not to do that again!”

I grinned ” Oh he was just messing with you. He was always rather mischievous”.
That day, letting my company go was not an easy day for me, but it was made a little easier knowing that I had a big guardian angel on my team.

Over the last couple of years, my guardian angel has continued to be on my team, guiding me to a healthy, new and extraordinary life. Love transcends all, even death.

Angels are real. My question finally got answered.

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