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HoneyBear In Memoriam

HoneyBear a tiny, young female Siamese cat came into my life just before Christmas 2002. My husband had been asking repeatedly what I would like for Christmas. A pair of diamond earrings perhaps? I always gave him the same answer,

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I have never thought of myself as a big risk taker. Indeed, I am far from spontaneous, am a careful planner, and always think things over very carefully before making a decision. Yet to the outside world, I would be

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Only when you have known joy and love, can you experience loss. They are different facets of the same diamond of life. Some people protect themselves against loss by walling off their emotions, indeed as someone who was brought up

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Self Limiting Beliefs

We all have them, and we label them as being “realistic” and “that’s the way I am”. The problem with these self limiting beliefs is they prevent us from expressing our true and highest potential. Most of the time we

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