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Mercia Tapping was educated in the UK with degrees in Psychology and Education before coming to the US in 1973. Since then, she has enjoyed a career spanning some nearly 40 years including as an assistant professor at Cornell University , Harvard Medical School trained clinical psychologist,  management consultant to Fortune 100  corporations... Read More


Mercia Tapping, author and inspirational public speaker, is mesmerizing the moment she opens her mouth and you hear her lilting British accent. She is available for retreats, workshops and keynote speeches. She also works as a life coach with a few individual clients. Her speaking engagements seek to inspire others to re-energize their lives and to live life .... Read More


Mercia Tapping tells her autobiographical, inspirational story of recovering from grief from the death of her husband with brain cancer, near financial ruin, and journals her road through breast cancer. She tells her tale with brutal honesty from the heart, as she seeks to find her Voice and purpose for living. She shares life lessons learned along her journey. Her book will make you cry, smile and inspire you. .... Read More

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MERCIA TAPPING – Author, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Leader, Coach


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